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New Chatham

New Chatham in Turin is an exclusive night club and cocktail bar, where you can organize private parties, bachelor parties, events and night shows.

All kinds of events and shows

At New Chatham, Turin’s night club, private parties and events of all kinds are organized, from bachelor parties to night shows.The club is a refined cocktail bar where you can have fun, relax and spend pleasant evenings with your friends and elegant hostesses.
Live music accompanies, entertains guests and creates the right, engaging, exciting atmosphere.

Whatever the objective of the evening, the New Chatham is the ideal nightclub for those who love quality entertainment, without the annoying confusion of places that are poorly defined in their identity and for those who choose an elegant and exclusive environment, where to enjoy delicious gastronomic specialties and savor inimitable cocktails, long drinks and step drinks mixed with Teutonic precision and served with Anglo-Saxon elegance. All this in the company of splendid hostesses, between flutes of champagne and live music in the background.

Cocktail Bar

One of the best night clubs in the whole province of Turin, the New Chatham is one of the most famous cocktail and night bars, a reference point for spending an unforgettable evening. Thanks to the exclusive, refined location and the delicious cocktails and long drinks prepared by a skilled barman, at the New Chatham it is possible to spend wonderful evenings in the company of hostesses, live music and gastronomic specialties.

Night Club

The New Chatham, night club in Turin, ensures pleasant evenings in an elegant setting, thanks to an exclusive location, food and drinks prepared by professionals, and the company of hostesses who entertain guests. The night club is also available to host private parties and night events. New Chatham is ideal for enjoying an unforgettable evening and satisfying the pleasure of relaxing, with cocktails, long drinks and step drinks.

Night Shows

Night shows at New Chatham, a venue in Turin renowned for night shows and events, offered in an elegant and ideal location for an evening of bon ton and fun. Soft lights and live music, professional and top-level barmen prepare cocktails, long drinks and step drinks, to accompany the show, in the company of splendid and refined hostesses.

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