Night Shows

Night shows and events also for parties and private parties

Night Clubs in Turin

Among the nightclubs in Turin, the New Chatham is one of the most famous and popular in the whole province, thanks to the unique services it offers its guests and the staff it makes available to customers.

The target of the restaurant is made up of refined people, who want to dedicate a fun and sober evening, with excellent products such as quality drinks and fine wines, champagne and sophisticated food.

The password is bon ton and discretion, education and respect for others and for the level of the elegant and refined offer. The night shows are organized in an elegant and well-furnished location, and this is important in creating an atmosphere of secure hold on the audience. The professional staff organizes events and shows led by the performances of girls and dancers, who are the stars of the evening at New Chatham.

Barman of the highest level prepare cocktails, long drinks and step drinks to be enjoyed while watching the shows, accompanied by live background music or the “soundtrack” chosen for the performance.

New Chatham Night Club Torino Spettacoli
New Chatham Night Club Torino Spettacoli

Exhibitions for private parties

Night shows are also made for private parties or for bachelor parties, an increasingly popular custom among future spouses who want to celebrate the last night of freedom before the wedding.

The closest friends are the backdrop to celebrate a moment of pure fun in the name of lightheartedness. Among the performances at New Chatham, one of the nightclubs in Turin for performances and exhibitions, the most frequent and popular are the pole dance competition, belly dance, “Golden Ladies” (every night), Aquarela Show do Brasil and international shows. Very spectacular, the Pole Dance performances involve the combination of elements of dance and gymnastics.

Specialized professionals perform pole dance performances, performing acrobatic figures that require a lot of skills, agility, fluency, coordination and endurance. Real pole dance competitions are organized at the New Chatham to cheer and entertain guests.

At the club it is possible to organize the desired party and to know in detail the shows that can be organized in order to make them more exclusive. The staff of the restaurant remains available to customers for any information or advice.

Ready to live an unforgettable evening?