Bachelor Parties

Organization of private parties and bachelor parties for up to 8 people

Location for bachelor parties in Turin

New Chatham is a night club, a perfect location for bachelor parties in Turin for up to 8 people, a nightclub where you can celebrate with a professional organization and very attentive to form.

Elegance, discretion for exclusive entertainment, with excellent drinks, fine wines, gastronomic specialties.

Specialized barmen, refined hostesses and image girls, shows and entertainment of various kinds, in an inviting and special atmosphere, thanks to the furnishings and soft lighting.

The bachelor party is a rite that has its origins in England, where young men of high society, before getting married, dedicated pleasant evenings of pure lasso to celebrate the last night of freedom with friends.

Over time, this party has also become a tradition for women, giving rise to a culture of celebration and event, as an opportunity for fun and entertainment before the wedding, to mitigate the tension linked to the expectations of the event itself.

New Chatham Torino Night Club Addii al celibato
New Chatham Torino Addii al celibato

Bachelor parties at the Night Club

The bachelor party today is a real rite of passage, before the wedding day, usually organized by the groom’s friends, or by the wedding planner himself in charge of organizing the wedding.

The friends of the groom take part in the party, and we entertain ourselves with drinks, drinks, food, good music and shows of various kinds, which are real temptations for the future groom.

But that’s the game, the fun is all about living this last night with extreme student spirit and humor, sharing an almost cathartic moment with close friends. And like a catharsis, the bachelor party rises to the dignified liberating and purifying function of passions and tensions.

New Chatham staff organizes the party in a prestigious location for bachelor parties in Turin and takes care of the event in every detail, ensuring an evening full of ideas and shows created specifically for the occasion, with shows, music and costumes by scene, dancers, hostesses, music, drinks and food.

Organize a memorable bachelor party