New Chatham Turin

Cocktail bar and night club for night shows

The New Chatham in Turin is an exclusive night club and cocktail bar, where you can organize private parties, bachelor parties, events and night shows. The night club is a very characteristic nightclub, with a typically soft atmosphere and live music.

The evenings flow pleasantly between fine wines, champagne and other alcoholic drinks. We dance and entertain ourselves with friends and hostesses with shows or events and various attractions, including pole dancers, lap dancers, strippers.

From the furnishings of the room to the lighting, from the expert and professional barmen to the discreet and refined hostesses, from background music to long drinks and step drinks and gastronomic specialties, everything is designed to ensure fun, with elegance and exclusivity.

The New Chatham in Turin offers moments of enthusiasm and relaxation, energy and sharing, all in an environment where bon ton is the key word for entertainment.

The fashion of Night Club

The fashion, or culture, of the Night Club begins more or less after the war, in a period in which people try to reconstruct their own identity that has been damaged for obvious reasons, to restore a civilization affected and weakened by disasters and decay.

The desire for redemption is high, as is the desire to open up to new opportunities and perspectives. In America the dream is already a reality and it soon arrives and also involves Italy, in need and not very refractory because the economy has to restart, as well as art, culture and everything that can become a resurgent product and material.

It is in this mood that the new futuristic trends are born, favored by enthusiasm, by the desire for rebirth and redemption.

The extravagance of costumes in the name of freedom are the fertile ground that gives rise to the culture of parties, worldly parties and the first night clubs that are born in large cities such as Rome, Milan and Turin.

New Chatham Torino Night Club
Chatham Night Club Cocktail Bar

Private parties and bachelor party

New Chatham in Turin is suitable for all kinds of private parties: birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor parties.

The desire to dedicate themselves to a special party before arriving at the altar is widespread among men approaching the wedding. Maybe they don’t say it, but there are many so that the ceremony is perfect and complete, the farewell party to the status of single cannot be missing with the friends of the groom, the hostesses, drinks and champagne, music and engaging shows.

The New Chatham in Turin is always happy to welcome new staff who like the night, it is possible to request an interview during the opening hours of the restaurant.

To receive information or to book, you can contact the restaurant by phone, e-mail address or by filling out the form on the contact page.

The restaurant is located in the city of Turin in Via Tiepolo, 8 / D and is open every evening from Monday to Saturday from 22.00 to 04.30.

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