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Unforgettable evenings with live music and performances

Night Club with live music in Turin

New Chatham night club with live music in Turin is a guarantee of elegance and fun. The reason for this statement will be asked.

The night club is famous and much appreciated by a varied target, of young people and adults, who choose it to spend special evenings, under the banner of quality and beauty.

The environment is cared for in every detail, from the furnishing accessories to the lighting, skilfully and masterfully used to create plays of light and reflections, skilled in highlighting a profile and highlighting its qualities.

New Chatham Night Club Torino

New Chatham: exclusive location

One is immediately magnetized by the pleasant and engaging atmosphere that one breathes upon first entering the restaurant. Unmistakable scents of charming and reserved girls, albeit friendly and present.

Perfumes of alcoholic and fruity essences emanating from the shakers shaken by the barmen, expert “jugglers” of the art of cocktails and drinks, perfectly blended.

If the evening calls for it, there are shows and events organized to entertain guests with the pleasures of the night: dances, striptease, performances and performances by professionals of lap dance, pole dance, belly dance and similar dances.

Performances and events at Chatham Night Club

The Night Club with live music in Turin is an opportunity to escape from the usual routine and indulge in moments of pure leisure, off the beaten track, savoring high quality wines, finger food or other gastronomic specialties.

The restaurant organizes night events and shows, but also parties on the occasion of bachelor parties, anniversaries and holidays, such as Women’s Day, Lovers’ Day, New Year’s Eve, masquerade parties for Carnival and Halloween.

Each event set up receives the utmost attention in creating the right atmosphere and achieving the goal we set ourselves: fun and entertainment.

New Chatham Night Club Torino Spettacoli

Ready to live an unforgettable evening?